Archery – That is, in which we also know the game of arrow in every state today. On hearing the name ‘Teer’, you get to know that here we will talk about shooting with arrows. Archery was used extensively by Stone Age people around 20,000 BC for everyday food and especially for warfare, from the time of the hordes of Attila the Hun to the time of the great civilizations of the Assyrians, Persians and Pythians. Was widely used. In today’s time, archery is also known as the Teer game.

Rules of Teer Game

  • Archers must strictly follow all official rules regarding the equipment used in performance while playing the teer game.
  • Time limit for Teer game players is maximum 2 minutes to end three arrows and four minutes to end six arrows.
  • No Teer may touch the player’s bow until the Teer signals to start the game. The rules are so strict that if someone releases the arrow after the time period is over, his points are also deducted.
  • Athletes may have points deducted or even banned from competition for violations of any of the rules of the game.